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2021 JNDA

2021 JNDA Catalog
by Stephen Lowell

The latest edition of the premier reference book on Japanese coins, the 2021 catalog of Japanese coins and banknotes was published in conjunction with the 18th Tokyo Coin Show on November 6th, 2019.  Published by the Japan Numismatic Dealers Association (JNDA), this 318-page masterpiece is an
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indispensable reference work that is profusely illustrated.  Although the text is written in Japanese, most entries contain both a Japanese and English title.  Between the English title, the illustration, and the price guide, even non-Japanese collectors will find this book to be very useful.

Even if the collector owns copies of older English-language reference works on Japanese coins, the clarity of the illustrations, the comprehensive coverage, and the up-to-date valuations contained in this catalog make this edition the gold-standard for collectors of Japanese coins and banknotes.

Modern commemoratives are fully illustrated and priced.  There is no catalog better than this one for collectors of recent commemorative coins and mint sets.

The catalog covers all modern coins and banknotes issued after the start of Meiji (1868).  There is also a profusely illustrated 92-page section covering pre-Meiji coins, the cash coins that were used in daily change in the samurai period of Japan.  A further 10 pages is devoted to the initial banknotes of the transitional period following the fall of the samurai government – notes printed in the old style before the introduction of the modern yen system.

Also covered are Japanese MPC, beginning with notes issued for the Seinan rebellion of 1877, as well as coins and notes issued for Korea and Taiwan under Japanese rule and banknotes of the Central Bank of Manchuria.

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