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Mexico's Currency Comes to Life: A Dive into Augmented Reality Banknotes


The Bank of Mexico has released banknotes with AR effects.

In a vibrant step towards innovative currency design, last September Mexico unveiled new 200 and 500 Mexican pesos banknotes, enhanced with an Augmented Reality (AR) app that breathes life into them. This forward-thinking initiative places Mexico alongside countries like Russia and South Africa, which have similarly embraced technology with their banknotes released in 2018.

These commemorative South African banknotes celebrated the 100th birthday of Nelson Mandela, and Russia introduced technologically enhanced 200 and 2000 rubles notes, marking a new era in currency design.

Arturo Herrera, the Secretary of the Treasury and Public Credit, proudly introduced the AR app named ‘BilletesMX’. This app is a game-changer, allowing users to experience the banknotes in a whole new dimension. By overlaying virtual elements, the app not only showcases the artistic beauty and intricate security features of Mexican banknotes but also fosters a deeper connection between the currency and its users.

Contrary to initial misconceptions, the primary purpose of the app is educational, aimed at enlightening users about the banknotes’ security features rather than detecting counterfeits.

The 200 Mexican peso bill offers an immersive experience, featuring the iconic “Campana de Dolores” bell sound and imagery, a symbol of Mexican Independence, alongside a majestic flying golden eagle, representing the nation's natural reserves.

Similarly, the 500 peso note presents a mesmerizing view of a family of gray whales navigating the waters of the Baja peninsula—a tribute to the annual migration of these magnificent creatures from the Arctic to the warm coastal lagoons of southern Baja California Sur, Mexico. On its front, users can witness a scene depicting Benito Juárez, a celebrated Mexican president, amidst a vibrant celebration of applause, cheers, and confetti, highlighting his historical significance and leadership.

This initiative is a testament to the Mexican government's commitment to integrating design and technology, showcasing a rare and commendable effort to enhance the public's interaction with national currency.

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