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Are Japanese coins and banknotes a good investment?

This is not something that is easily answered . . . Pre WWII gold, silver and banknotes are very popular with collectors! Depending on the direction to the exchange rate they look to have a bright future. modern Commemorative issues are a hit and miss situation, some advance in value while other never seem to go up. Older banknote in top grade have proven to be a good investment!

Are the 2020 Olympic 100 Yen coins in circulation in Japan?

No although intended for circulation with a mintage of nearly 4 million per design they are never seen in circulation!

Are there coin shows in Japan?

Yes, there are many shows in Japan! Almost one every month! Information can be found on the Japanese Numismatic Dealer Association (JNDA) website , dates and times for shows we attend are also available on our website,

Can I spend commemorative coins and older Japanese banknotes with local shops?

In general shops and businesses don’t take commemorative coins and older banknotes! Nor do they take, damaged coins and banknotes . . . But everything issued after WWII is still Legal tender and can be exchanged at the Bank of Japan in Nihonbashi.

How can I buy new Japanese Commemorative Coins?

The Osaka Mint has a list of official overseas sale agents on the website,

Which coin show to attend?

Tokyo: T.I.C.C., Tokyo International Coin Convention, held during the ‘Golden Week’ holiday the first week in May! Osaka: Annual OMM Building Show held in June!

What is the largest denomination banknote in circulation in Japan?

The largest denomination in a banknote is the 10,000 Yen note, about. $93


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